St Anne’s Primary School

St Anne’s Primary School was opened in 1935 under the leadership and guidance of the Sisters of Mercy and the community of Harvey. The lay staff of today remains deeply indebted to them for their untiring dedication and service. From humble beginnings, the school has been relocated to its present position adjacent to thew church Presbytery. It caters for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development of each student.

The present logo represents the Centrality of Christ in the school and the arrowheads indicates past, present and the future. “Veritas” carries forward the mercy motto of the everlasting search for truth.

The school is involved in interschool sporting and Arts events and has a strong push on pastoral care. We are well equipped with a computer lab and computers in each classroom and our Early Childhood Centre was rebuilt in 2011 providing an excellent early learning environment and programme.

The school is very well supported by the parent and parish community. In following this proud tradition, our school welcomes all families and strongly encourages full family participation.

If you would like to make any inquiries please contact the school on 08 97291287, visit our website: or call into the front office. We’d love to meet you.

Best Wishes,

Darrin Croft,


St Anne’s Catholic School Harvey